Do You Love the Awkward Black Girl Show? Then Donate

The hilarious YouTube series needs your help to finish up its first season.

By Jamilah King Jul 15, 2011

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of the YouTube series Awkward Black Girl. The show, which was created by and stars Issa Rae, debuted in February and follows the travails of an everyday awkward black girl as she manages life’s sometimes ugly lessons.

So far, the series has aired six hilarious episodes. But to finish the first season, the project needs viewers’ help. The project’s started up a Kickstarter campaign in an effort to raise the $30,000 they need to finish the first season. The costs of producing and editing a series can be staggering, and the ABG team is no different. They need funds to pay for things like the crew, cast, lighting equipment, locations and marketing. So far they’re only about $7,000 in. Here’s Issa Rae’s fundraising pitch:

Television today has a very limited scope and range in its depictions of people of color. As a black woman, I don’t identify with and relate to most of the non-black characters I see on TV, much less characters of my own race. When I flip through the channels, it’s disheartening. I don’t see myself or women like me being represented. I’m not a smooth, sexy, long-haired vixen; I’m not a large, sassy black woman; an angry Post Office employee. I’m an awkward black girl.

So whether you’re an awkward black girl or just a fan of good comedy, consider showing some serious love to one of the most underrated shows around.

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