Do Body Cameras Actually Reduce Police Brutality Complaints?

By Carla Murphy Dec 10, 2014

Manufacturers may be the only sure winners in President Obama’s new $75 million plan to outfit cops with body cameras. As everyone tries to figure out now what the new "Body Worn Camera Partnership Program" will mean for police-community relations in their neighborhoods, a three-month Fusion investigation finds body cams help cops, not the community. One big issue: officers control the on/off switch. Says Fusion in its review of records from five police departments, "the way body cameras are used usually serve police more than citizens charging misconduct. And in the data from two cities provided to Fusion, there was little evidence police body cameras reduced police involved shootings or use of force incidents."

The five participating police departments: Albuquerque, New Orleans, Salt Lake City, Oakland and Ft. Worth.

Read more at Fusion. And get digital civil liberties watchdog, Electronic Frontier Foundation’s take on Obama’s body-cam plan, here.

(h/t Fusion)