Did Nina Simone’s Daughter Steal Charitable Funds From Singer’s Estate?

That's what the California Attorney General is trying to figure out.

By Jamilah King Nov 25, 2013

Lisa Simone Kelly, the only child of the late singer Nina Simone, is in the hot seat. The California Attorney General is accusing her of stealing more than $2 million from her mother’s estate, money that was specifically earmarked to help build schools in impoverished communties in South Africa, Liberia and Ghana.

TMZ broke the news late last week:

The A.G. claims the most flagrant violation is funneling $1.5 mil to Lisa’s personal company … something her mom never approved.

We’ve learned the A.G. pressured Lisa into resigning as trustee and is now demanding an accounting of funds — which could result in criminal action.

Kelly, who’s also a singer, has publicly been very protective of her mother’s legacy and image. She made news earlier this year when she addressed the controversy surrounding the lighter skinned Zoe Saldana’s casting in an upcoming Nina Simone biopic. Obviously, details in this story are still pending.