On Tuesday night, Ann Romney told "The Tonight Show" host Jay Leno that electing her husband would help eliminate prejudice against their Mormon faith, just like we left "prejudices behind" when we elected President Obama. "On a serious note, talk about the significance–if he gets elected–of being the first Mormon president?" Leno asked Mrs. Romney. She began to answer the question with an analogy. "I love the fact that we have the first African-American president. That means to me that we’re leaving prejudices behind," Mrs. Romney told Leno. "I would hope that if Mitt were elected, we would see more of the same." That last statement raises other questions. First question is whether she compared the prejudice and oppression faced by black people in the U.S. with that of the Mormon experience. That’s something that can get anyone in to some controversy. The second question Mrs. Romney’s comments raise is whether she believes the country is post racial–is she suggesting that because the U.S. elected a black president that we’ve left prejudice behind? She thinks "we leaving prejudices behind" [but has she read news about that new empty chair lynching trend? ](http://gawker.com/5944869/texas-homeowner-lynches-empty-chair-meant-to-represent-president-obama)