Diane Von Furstenberg: “Chinese = Disobedient Japanese People”

And other crazy things rich ladies say.

By Jorge Rivas Jan 14, 2011

"The Chinese people are very individual. I mean, they are not like the Japanese that are obedient. They’re very — they’re like Jews, really, except that there is a lot more of them. And you know, I mean, try to think of governing a billion and a half Jews."

Those were the words of fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg, according to New York Magazine. Her comments yesterday came as she was being interviewed by Bloombegr’s chief content officer Norman Pearlstine at an event hosted by the 92nd Street Y and Bloomberg Businessweek.

Furstenberg, who’s Belgian-American, launched her career in the 1970s when she introduced the classic "wrap dress" made with more contemporary knit jersey with bold bright patterns. Her "wrap dress" is part of the permanent collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Crazy talk if you ask me. Especially if you consider earlier in the week she was talking about Secretary of State Hilary Clinton (pant suits!) being an inspiration. How can a designer skip over Michelle Obama and Carla Bruni?