Diane Guerrero Is Happy Her Immigration Story Went Viral

By Qimmah Saafir Apr 15, 2015

"Orange Is the New Black" star Diane Guerrero penned an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times in November on her family being deported back to Colombia when she was 14. Shortly afterward, her letter went viral and in the same month, President Obama issued historic executive actions keeping approximately 4.5 million undocumented individuals with existing ties to the U.S. from being deported. 

Guerrero, who is working on a memoir titled "In the Country We Love," shared with the Huffington Post on Tuesday, why she is elated by the reach of her story.

It’s a topic difficult to talk about, to have people know your business like that. It was hard but I’m really glad that I did it; I think a lot of people can relate to the situation. A lot of young women have come up to me, Latinas who are going through the same thing and are really afraid of their situation. And I think what I’m doing is, I’m urging people to participate, I’m urging people to get involved in their community and vote if they can vote. Or get the word out if they can…. I think it’s really, really important for you to pay attention this year because it’s really going to dictate how you’re going to have your life for the next four years.