Deported Parents Who Return Found Dead In Desert or Locked Up In Prison

As Congress considers immigration reform, hundreds of thousands of deportees are waiting to see if the bill will allow them to return. In the meantime, thousands of returning deportees are dying in the desert or ending up in federal prison.

By Seth Freed Wessler May 22, 2013

The Obama Administration has deported some 1.5 million people since taking office and as revealed last year, more than one in five are parents of U.S. citizens. Many more have other relatives here. As the comprehensive immigration reform bill [moves from committee to the Senate floor](, many immigrants and immigration reform advocates will be watching a provision that would permit some deportees to return to the United States if they left behind U.S. citizen spouses, children or parents. Now, a set of new reports and investigations reveal what’s at stake as members of Congress consider what some advocates are calling the "right to return" provision: without a legal route to come back, many are travelling back over the border to reunite with their family, and thousands are ending up dead in the desert or locked up in federal prison.