A “Deeply Satisfying” Reaction to Our Facing Race Conference

A reader gives our publisher's conference props for great dialogue and training.

By Kai Wright Oct 01, 2010

We couldn’t help but share a comment from ColorLines reader agingrace about last week’s Facing Race conference in Chicago. It was a delight to meet so many of our readers–new and old–and the world-changing racial justice activists in our movement. And agingrace sums up exactly what we hoped to achieve:

I found the Facing Race Conference deeply satisfying. At age 73, I have experienced racism for a long time and attended all kinds of conferences where race has been discussed. However, this was the most insightful and pragmatic exploration of the topic I’ve seen. Kudos to ARC and Colorlines for insisting on avoiding cathartic expressions of grievance and focusing on practical actions. It also pleased me to see the range of groups, ages and ethnicities involved. I am confident that this organization will have a positive impact on what has seemed an intractable problem.

We’re getting hours of video from the conference edited and uploaded, and we’ll let you know as stuff gets ready. You can already check out video highlights from the closing panel conversation–with Van Jones, Maria Teresa Kumar, Tim Wise and ColorLines publisher Rinku Sen. The whole shebang lives at ARC.org/FacingRace. Look forward to the next gathering: November 2012 in New York City.