Dayton Mosque Gassed During Ramadan; Lawmakers Leave Help for Homeowners Out

By The News Sep 29, 2008

Urban Farmer Wins "Genius Grant" With his half million dollar award from the MacArthur Foundation, Will Allen plans to grow his Milwaukee farm that yields about $500,000 worth of fresh, affordable produce, meat and fish into "a five-story vertical building being totally off the grid with renewable energy, where people can come and learn, so they can go back to their communities around the world and grow healthy food." New York Times. Angela Davis Still Committed to a World Without Prisons "Speaking outside a college where she was once denied an urban studies teaching job, activist icon Angela Davis spoke Thursday of a growing American prison system "spawned" by the dismantling of social institution." Oakland Tribune. Immigrants Victims of Fake Kidnapping Schemes "Immigrants in Arizona are increasingly being singled out by a so-called virtual kidnapping extortion scheme in which criminals falsely claim to have caught their loved ones as they tried to sneak across the border with Mexico, federal officials say." New York Times. Terrorist Attack on Dayton Mosque About 300 Muslim men, women, and children celebrating the last 10 days of Ramadan with dinner and a prayer session in Dayton, OH, were interrupted when a suspected chemical irritant was sprayed into the mosque. Dayton Daily News. Lawmakers Concede on Demands, Homeowners Left Out of the Deal While the Bush Administration did agree to greater oversight and limits on executive pay, lawmakers did not secure new mortgages for homeowners. The House is prepared to vote on the bill today. New York Times.