Dallas Hospital Gives Workers Raise–Using Exec Bonuses

By Carla Murphy Jun 17, 2014

Low-wage workers at Parkland Health and Hospital System in Dallas are getting a raise–with money normally used to fund executives’ annual bonus packages. The minimum wage increase to $10.25-an-hour will impact about 230 employees working in "environmental, linen and dietary services." Parkland’s wage increase puts it in line with Dallas County’s, which raised its minimum wage this March to $10.25–echoing similar increases being implemented by municipalities nationwide.

Whether the new $10.25 minimum wage will also be a living wage for a low income Dallas household is unclear. The hospital increase takes effect July 1. About 6 percent of all Texas workers earn $7.25 an hour or less, giving it one of the highest shares of low wage workers in the country. 

Seattle recently approved $15-an-hour, the highest minimum wage in the country.

(h/t ThinkProgress)