Community Organizer Fights for Justice in Season 2 Premiere of ‘The Movement’

By Sameer Rao Apr 01, 2016

"How do you do this?" activist and editor Darnell L. Moore asks San Jose-based community organizer Gail Noble.

"This" is Noble’s work with Silicon Valley De-Bug, a collective that helps the families of people facing jail time navigate judicial system complexities. It’s advocacy work that she does alongside seeking justice for her son Lamar, who was beaten by police during an arrest. 

"What if someone wouldn’t have showed up for me? If you had the thoughts and the knowledge to sit down and help somebody that you were once in that same position, how could I not show up?" Noble responds.

The second season premiere of Mic’s video series "The Movement," which dropped on Wednesday (March 30), examines Noble and Silicon Valley De-Bug’s interlocking quests for justice. The collective’s "participatory defense" organizing approach educates those without the means to hire expensive lawyers on how they can work within the judicial system to better advocate for those facing incarceration. Moore also talks to a public defender, Lamar and others at all levels of the judicial hierarchy to provide a comprehensive picture of the challenges marginalized people face when they battle it. 

Watch the new episode above.

(H/t Mic