Commerce Secretary Seeks Arab Community’s Support, and other news

By The News Oct 19, 2009

Commerce Secretary Seeking Arab Support U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke will be meeting with Arab-Americans and Muslims in Dearborn, MI to discuss ways in which their communities can help the economy. While Locke hopes to raise issues about access to capital and the importance of the census, community members intend to raise concerns about civil rights violations they have experienced. Target Pulls ‘Illegal Alien’ Costume After receiving numerous complaints from Latino groups, Target stores were compelled to pull their "Illegal Alien" Halloween costume from their website. Target officials have attributed the appearance of the costume, an extraterrestrial-looking alien wearing an orange jumpsuit and holding a green card, to human error during data entry. UT Revises Racial Categories The University of Texas have revised the way in which it allows its students to identify themselves racially. Though the system allows Latino students to identify themselves more specifically, critics have noted how non-Latinos may feel unsatisfied in not being to self-identify as fully. White Pageant Winner in Black College Feels ‘Racism’ In Virginia, Hampton University, one of the U.S.’ 80 historically-black colleges, recently had its first white winner in its beauty pageant history. Nikole Churchill’s crowning was met with some walkouts and scowls from the crowd and contestants, which Churchill believed she received for not being black.