Colorlines on MSNBC Talking Romney ’47 Percent’ and Voter Suppression Economic Contributor appeared on MSNBC Melissa Harris Perry Show to Discuss Romney '47 Percent' Remarks and Voter Suppression

By Rebekah Spicuglia Sep 24, 2012

Colorlines Economic Contributor Imara Jones appeared on MSNBC Melissa Harris Perry show this week to discuss how [Romney’s "47 percent" remarks are all about race]( and how Romney’s budget proposal with [$10 trillion dollars in cuts would fall hardest and fastest on those that can least afford it]( A main focus of the program was also the massive voter suppression efforts underway, and how they are playing out in Pennsylvania. Along with Imara, Nation Magazine publisher Katrina vanden Heuvel and reporter Ari Berman discussed the [untenable burdens on the state]( and voters who are scrambling for required voter ID. The Nation and are providing ongoing reporting on the voter suppression efforts and how [communities are fighting back]( with reporters Brentin Mock, Aura Bogado, and community journalists across the country with [Voting Rights Watch 2012 ]( [View all clips from the program at](

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