Chris Dorner Memes in Full Effect

The LAPD manhunt for Chris Dorner has sparked some memes.

By Jorge Rivas Feb 11, 2013

The Los Angeles Police Department manhunt for Chris Dorner has resulted in three innocent people who were shot at by police. In each case the victims looked nothing like the former police officer accused of three murders who is described as a six-foot, 270 pound black male with a shaved head

In one incident, a 71-year-old Latina woman driving in a truck was shot twice in her back. The truck she was driving was also a different make, model and color than the pickup Dorner was driving at the time. The other victims include a Latina woman and a white male.

The police shootings have left many Angelenos with anxiety and some are dealing with it through their sense of humor.

Check out the memes that have surfaced so far.