It’s no surprise that [Adeline Koh]( and [Roopika Risam]( are big fans of [Chinua Achebe](, the Nigerian author of "Things Fall Apart," who died last Thursday at 82. The creators of the Post Colonial Digital Humanities (DHPoco) [website]( and [Tumblr,]( have been making [Bitstrip comics ]( that celebrate [anti-colonial writers like Achebe](, defang [academic jargon](, and call BS on the [notion of colorblind coding]( Koh (right pane, avatar in the gray pantssuit) is a faculty fellow at Duke and a postcolonial literature professor at Richard Stockton College. Risam (right pane, avi in red shoes) is up for a doctorate in English at Emory and she’ll teach at Salem State University in the fall. With their hands in tech *and* literature, the pair is also [campaigning for people of color and women]( to write Wikipedia entries about anti-colonial and feminist women theorists from across the globe. In a strip for, the DHPoco duo share their favorite piece of Achebe’s wisdom. –Editors