Children’s health bill passes; Immigration bill crawls along

By The News Aug 03, 2007

Senate Passes Children’s Health Bill, 68-31. A victory. The bill would increase spending on the popular Children’s Health Insurance Program by $35 billion over the next five years.“Covering these children is worth every cent,” said Senator Orrin G. Hatch, Republican of Utah, who helped create the program 10 years ago.–NYTimes In Increments, Senate Revisits Immigration Bill. Here we go guys… When a broad immigration bill failed in the Senate in June after a vitriolic national debate, many legislators said the issue was dead, perhaps until President Bush left office. But already some of the less contentious pieces of the bill are returning to life. Last week, the Senate approved $3 billion for border security as part of a Homeland Security Department spending bill. Democrats and Republicans have also begun laying ground for a bill to create a new temporary immigrant worker program for agriculture.–NYTimes Clinton and the Bloggers. It’s goin’ down. While they are all still coming for the main show, it turns out that Senator Clinton is not attending the break-out session. Her campaign says it told the Kos organizers a week ago that she would not be attending the individual session, but the organizers did not announce it until tonight, at the opening dinner. The announcement drew big boos from the audience.–NYTimes A Teacher Grows Disillusioned After a ‘Fail’ Becomes a ‘Pass’. Interesting scenario of passing a failed student of color. Mr. Lampros’s introduction to the high school’s academic standards proved a fitting preamble to a disastrous year. It reached its low point in late June, when Arts and Technology’s principal, Anne Geiger, overruled Mr. Lampros and passed a senior whom he had failed in a required math course.–NYTimes Outspoken Editor Slain in California.> Shame. The outspoken new editor of the Oakland Post was shot to death Thursday near a downtown courthouse in what police suspect was a deliberate hit.–NYTimes