Chief Keef Running For Mayor of Chicago

By Sameer Rao Jul 29, 2015

Who would be better to run a city with endemic violence than someone who’s lived through it? 

This appears to be the question guiding the political ambitions of Keith Cozart, the 19-year-old better known to legions of fans as Chief Keef. The rapper and central figure of Chicago’s drill scene—trap- and crunk-influenced rap based in the city’s most violent neighborhoods—took to Twitter on Monday with an announcement, however intentional, that he would be running for mayor:

While it remains unclear whether or not this is more intentional than when Killer Mike sought out political office (in a move that he’s since labeled "a publicity stunt" on "Sway in the Morning"), the timing couldn’t be better. Cozart recently found himself back at the center of controversy when a Chicago benefit performance (for which he was to appear hologram-ed from Beverly Hills) to support the family of a killed infant was shut down by police. Cozart fired back at the move by tweeting out the number for Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s offices: 

(H/t Complex