Chicana College Student Claims Police Assaulted Her in Hospital

And she's got the video evidence to prove it.

By Jamilah King Feb 11, 2014

In March of 2012, Aloni Bonilla was pulled over by a local police officer for suspicion of driving under the influence. After police escorted her to the hospital for a blood sample after a breathalyzer at the scene found traces of alcohol in her system. What happened next, which Bonilla chronicled in a video she posted to YouTube last year, is the now the subject of an appeal before the L.A. County Superior Court. Here’s more from Jorge Rivas at Fusion:

Bonilla claims the 20-minute video uploaded to the video sharing site shows the officer using excessive force and contradicts statements made in the police report. She took the officer to court to dispute the charges in the police report that Bonilla says the video proves are false.

The officer contends that Bonilla waved her arms around and approached him to try to head butt him. The video shows the CHP officer pushing Bonilla against the wall and then forcing her to the floor. He then pins Bonilla down with his knee.

Bonilla ended up with a black eye from hitting a wall-mounted medical device, according to court documents. Today, she has five slipped discs in her spine and neck she says were a result from the altercation with the officer.

Bonilla, who at the time was a math major at Cal State Los Angeles, was charged with and convicted of vandalism, resisting arrest and failure to provide a driver’s license. She’s appealing her conviction and the judges who heard her case are expected to make a decision in the next two weeks.