CA Healthcare Budget Cuts Could Cost Lives, and Other News

By The News May 28, 2009

CA Healthcare Cuts Would Mean Higher Costs and Possibly Deaths A group of advocates and healthcare patients gathered yesterday at a state healthcare review panel to protest Gov. Schwarzenegger’s proposed healthcare cuts. Advocates and officials say with the proposed cuts, those who rely on state healthcare would have to resort to emergency rooms and drop-in clinics that would drive up the costs to the state by billions. LA Times Study Measures Link Between Racism and Black Women’s Weight Gain Boston University did a study of 43,000 Black women over 2 years measuring the level of racism they experienced at work and their daily lives. Researchers found that the women who experienced higher levels of racism gained more weight compared to the women who experienced less racism. Boston Globe Study Shows Most Latino Children Second Generation The Pew Hispanic Center reports that since 1980, the number of second generation Latino children has increased 20 percent. Of that number, 21 percent are not fluent in English and 40 percent have at least one parent who is undocumented. Washington Post Some Asian American Basketball Players Face Racism on Court In paving the way for other Asians looking to play the sport, some Asian players report hearing racist remarks like, “Orchestra is on the other side of campus” and “Open your eyes.” Diverse