Bush State of Union Address Refers to Unmet Goals; Citizenship Applicant Surge Causes Backlog

By The News Jan 29, 2008

New Spying Law Does Not Pass A new electronic surveillance law, back by the Bush administration, failed to be put to vote by the Senate. Additionally, the Senate did not approve extending the expiration date of the existing surveillance law. LA Times Migrant Filipinos in Working Condition Dispute Of New York’s 215,000 Filipinos, 3 out of 10 work as nurses or other health-care practitioners, being heavily recruited from the Philippines. In a case that is causing outrage amongst the Filipino community on the islands and in the New York area, 10 nurses are being charged with endangering patients after resigning from a clinic due to unreasonable working conditions. NY Times Immigrant Seeks Sanctuary in Church Flor Crisostomo, a Mexican immigrant who crossed the border in 2000, has sought sanctuary in Adalberto United Methodist Church in Chicago after receiving a deportation order. The Associated Press Bush State of Union Address Focuses on the Unresolved After stating the progress made in U.S led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Bush’s State of Union speech turns to focus on his unreached goals of reforming Social Security, immigration and education policy. LA Times Citizenship Backlog Will Impact Latino Vote in Election U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services officials say that they are hiring more staff and urging for more efficient background checks in the wake of a surge in citizenship applicants numbering 1.4 million. Emilio Gonzalez, director of USCIS Dallas, says the surge will result in a processing time of up to 18 months, making it impossible for applicants to vote in the 2008 elections. Dallas News