Breitbart, Man Famous Solely for Racebaiting Lies, Lands ABC Gig

Though this election season has been bad? Coverage just got a lot worse.

By Channing Kennedy Nov 01, 2010

Andrew Breitbart, whose hits include the bogus sting tapes that got ACORN defunded and the bogus sting tapes that got Shirley Sherrod fired, is back! For unknown reasons, ABC News has invited the founder to be a guest for tomorrow’s election night coverage. Since news broke of Breitbart’s upcoming appearance, ABC has been fighting to distance themselves from their own guest, saying that he’s slated only to appear in their online content. Breitbart, true to form, has clouded the issue, publishing private emails that he says show that he was guaranteed a spot on their seven-hour live television broadcast. A vicious internal debate has ensued, but at the time of this writing, Breitbart’s still in. has a petition to tell ABC to keep Breitbart and his agenda off the air. One big question remains, along with the others: what viewers did ABC hope to snag by inviting Breitbart on in the first place? Maybe they wanted someone to talk about race, but moved too slow on that Juan Williams fellow?