BREAKING: Obama Asks Staff to “Closely Monitor” Arizona Law

By Kai Wright Apr 23, 2010

President Obama chimed in this morning on Arizona’s pending new law requiring cops to check immigration status of people suspected to be undocumented. In a Rose Garden ceremony for to naturalize 24 service members, he said Congress’ failure to act on immigration reform would lead to "misguided efforts" of others, echoing a point Rep. Luis Gutierrez has made repeatedly in the past week. Washington Post reports,

The president also said an immigration bill currently on the Arizona governor’s desk was "misguided," and he has ordered his staff to "closely monitor the situation" to make sure people’s civil liberties will not be violated by the measure. The bill, already passed by the state House and Senate, would require authorities in Arizona to question people about their immigration status if there is reason to suspect they are in the country illegally.

We’ll have more on Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s decisions on whether to sign the bill and the burgeoning movement in response later today.