Break Time!

By Akiba Solomon Dec 21, 2016

I don’t want to type the words "2016 was a difficult year" or even read them ever again. You know what it is without a laundry list of this year’s ills.

What I am happy to type though is that the tiny-but-mighty team that produces Colorlines is taking a break. Through January 3, 2017, we will be publishing year-end goodness but going very light on daily news.

We fully acknowledge that the world and the work isn’t stopping because we need some rest. We know that the ability to take time off is a privilege that many of us don’t have. But to quote the healer Kaira Jewel Lingo, "Self-care is so important because the collective consciousness is made up of our individual consciousness. More peaceful, centered people in a community make that entire community safer and saner." Also, we are not smarter than Audre Lorde.

We wish you happy holidays, if you celebrate them. We wish you a happy new year. And, as always, we wish you peace, power and joy.