Blue Scholars Show Love for Seattle’s Green and Gold Glory

The rap group celebrates a city's unyielding love for its team.

By Thoai Lu Jun 06, 2011

Today’s love goes to hip-hop group Blue Scholars’ tribute to the SuperSonics basketball team. Seattle’s beloved team broke the heart of millions of fans when it recently relocated to Oklahoma City after 41 years in the Emerald City. The Seattle-based duo provided the music to the short film "Slick Watts: A Day in the Life of Seattle Without the Sonics," produced by Sonicsgate.

The video that is a little over seven minutes features DJ Sabzi and MC Geologic as "The Haters" playing against former Sonics player Donald Earl "Slick" Watts and others on "Team Slick." The production uses narrative, mini-history lessons and a catchy beat to reminisce on the city’s departed basketball team. And more than anything, it’s a fun, quirky and nostalgic mix of sports and hip-hop. And if you dig the video, you should also check out Sonicsgate’s documentary film the team’s move, which details the controversy surrounding the team’s move. Not exactly a happy love story, but it does feature author and basketball fanatic Sherman Alexie, who was the keynote speaker at Facing Race 2008.

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