Black Writers Affected by Strike; NYPD to Conduct Study on Street ‘Stop and Frisks’

By The News Nov 09, 2007

Study on NYPD street stops and minorities due Statistics show that in 2006, the amount of people stopped on the streets of New York City by police was 508,540, a dramatic increase from 2002. The RAND Corporation has been hired by NYPD to conduct a study on the process of stopping people on the street. The study is expected to have huge implications for people of color, who are disproportionately stopped on the streets, often for no given reason. AM New York. Romney Ad Returns to Immigration Debate Former Massachusetts governor and Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney continues to take a hard stance on immigration: calling to “secure” the border, oppose immigrant driver’s licenses, and deny immigrants amnesty and in-state tuition. Romney also targets opponent Rudy Giuliani, who has publicly declared New York City as a “sanctuary city” for immigrants. Associated Press. Wesley Snipes alleges racism, seeks venue change Wesley Snipes, star of “Bladerunner,” “White Men Can’t Jump,” and other Hollywood flicks, believes that his trial for tax evasion is racist; taking place in what his lawyer describes as “the most racially discriminatory venue.” Although Snipes’ trial is being held in Marion County in Florida, he has never lived there. Tampa Bay 10. People of Color, Women Remain Underrepresented in Key Faculty Posts A recent study by the University of Oklahoma’s Donna J. Nelson analyzed the number of people of color and women by looking at 100 different departments in each of the 15 major engineering and science disciplines. The study’s findings indicated that although the number of people of color and women as undergraduate and graduate students has increased, there has been no increase of professors in the science field. PR News Wire. Black writers take places on picket lines One must not overlook that nearly 300 of the writers currently on strike in Hollywood are Black. Along with struggling to exert their collective power in the strike against top movie studios, Black screenwriters are also faced with the additional struggle of dealing with diversity issues in Hollywood. Los Angeles Wave. N-Word Mea Culpas Are Wearing Thin From Kramer to Don Imus, and now the most recent case, Duane “Dog” Chapman, it appears that Hollywood is up to its neck in cases of Hollywood celebrities using the n-word. Joshua Alston of Newsweek speculates that using this word and other inappropriately racially-charged phrases is a way for some of these D-list celebrities to gather, albeit negative, attention. Newsweek.