Black Stars Unite Against Police Violence Via #SomedayIsToday PSAs

By Sameer Rao Aug 05, 2016

Many prominent Black showbusiness figures have joined the collective call for action against racist police violence in a set of new PSAs for the #SomedayIsToday campaign.

One of the two videos features Rutina Wesley ("Queen Sugar"), Boris Kodjoe ("Last Man on Earth") and Tika Sumpter ("Southside With You") among other famous entertainers emotionally reciting the words to Civil Rights Movement anthem "We Shall Overcome." The video closes with a call to action against systemic racism and police brutality before the hashtag #SomedayIsToday appears on screen.

A shorter companion video features Alfre Woodard ("Luke Cage"), Cedric the Entertainer ("The Original Kings of Comedy") and Omar Epps ("House") somberly repeating the hashtag with other celebrities.

Mashable reported yesterday (August 4) that the campaign and PSAs are hosted by Campaign Zero, the data-driven platform that tracks police-involved killings and advocates for systemic reforms to end racist state violence. The hashtag refers to the aforementioned song’s lyric, "we shall overcome someday."

"A lot of people wonder, when is someday?" said Campaign Zero co-founder and prominent activist Johnetta Elzie to Mashable. "Even the ‘I Have A Dream’ speech says ‘one day’—but when is that day? [These videos] are saying today is that day. Today. You can start today, if you aren’t already involved. It can happen today."

Elzie elaborated on Black celebrities’ important role in inspiring and empowering action against police brutality. "There are so many celebrities in one video that young Black people in this country know or recognize or look up to—and they are talking about the issue of police violence," she said. "I think that is incredible."