Black Georgians Vote Early in Record Number; Immigrants Find Help at Church After Raids

By The News Oct 17, 2008

Mississippi Immigrants Find Community Support After Raids "Pastor Roberto Velez, like other clergy with a growing flock of undocumented immigrants, became de-facto leader of an emerging immigrant community in Mississippi after immigration agents raided a local transformer plant." New America Media. Record Black Turnout in Georgia Early Voting "Black voters have made up a disproportionately high percentage of early voters, accounting for 37 percent of Georgia’s early voters. Blacks represent 29 percent of the state’s 5.6 million registered voters." Associated Press. The Risk of Accidental Disenfranchisement If you don’t know all the latest voting regulations, visit to make sure your vote counts, before and after you go to the polls this November 4. New America Media. Research Shows Slavery May Explain Disparities "U.S. researchers suggest that the higher rates of hypertension and cardiovascular disease among African-Americans are due to low birth weights and slavery." UPI.