Black and Latina Moms Are Most Concerned With Climate Change

By Yessenia Funes Jun 30, 2017

Mothers and grandmothers realize the impacts climate change will have on their babies, according to a new poll released yesterday (June 29). And they’re worried—especially Black and Latina moms.

Public Policy Polling conducted the poll, which surveyed 804 mothers and grandmothers in the U.S. from June 21 to 22. Of those, 13 percent were Black, 7 percent Latinx and 5 percent other races, but the numbers show that these moms have the strongest sentiments about the global manmade catastrophe.

The survey found that 87 percent of Latinas and 84 percent of Black mother figures surveyed agree with the statement: “We are not doing enough as a nation to protect clean air and clean water for your children and grandchildren in the coming years and decades.” That number was 71 percent for White mothers and grandmothers.

Latina mamás y abuelitas are especially concerned: 91 percent agree that it’s time to “stop playing politics and get the job done when it comes to climate change, clean air and clean water.” That number decreased to 85 percent for the Black women surveyed and 75 percent for Whites.

Most of the participants don’t have children or grandchildren with any respiratory illness, which can result from pollution. Just 34 percent of those polled said the children in their life do.

Find the complete survey results here.