Perhaps now that it’s a non-partisan issue Bill O’Reilly fans will understand the Fox News news anchor presents his opinions as complete facts. On Monday night O’Reilly told his viewers that Whitney Houston "obviously destroyed herself" and that her death was caused by drug use. "Ms. Houston was found with a variety of legalized drugs in her room. Apparently she took some of them and expired," O’Reilly said, presenting his opinion as factual news. Although many news outlets have alluded to Houston’s history of substance abuse few have gone so far as to say that’s what actually ended the R&B pop star’s life… because no one actually knows that yet, not even the Los Angeles Coroner. Houston’s autopsy was finished on Sunday, but the Los Angeles County coroner’s office said the official cause of death would await toxicology tests to determine whether there was alcohol or drugs in Houston’s system. Those tests could take several weeks to complete. [A coroner’s official says some prescription medicines were found in the hotel room where Whitney Houston died but not in large quantities, the AP reported Monday. ](