Beyoncé’s Fans Rejoice, Reprimand Mathew Knowles Over News of Twins’ Birth

By Sameer Rao Jun 19, 2017

Few artists inspire fan passion and reverence like Beyoncé does. Members of the Beyhive often greet news and speculation about their favorite with excitement—and occasional tweet storms against people who crossed her. The reaction to this weekend’s news about her twins’ birth, paired with her father Mathew Knowles’ tweet yesterday (June 18) confirming the news, embodied both of those polarities.

Bey first announced her pregnancy with twins in early February via the Instagram post above and an accompanying photoshoot. An anonymous source told People on Saturday (June 17) that her second and third child with husband Jay Z arrived that day, prompting cautious celebration from fans:

Beyoncé’s father, a music business entrepreneur who used to manage both of his daughters’ careers, confirmed the news with his own tweet yesterday:

His tweet angered many fans who wished for the artist herself to confirm the babies’ new existence herself, as demonstrated in these tweets compiled by The Huffington Post

No media outlets have confirmed the babies’ names as of press time.

(H/t NBC News