Beyoncé Baby Absurdity #2: Blue Ivy is 2-Days Old and Already Sampled in New Jay-Z Song

Listen to Jay-Z's new song that samples a crying Blue Ivy Carter.

By Jorge Rivas Jan 09, 2012

Blue Ivy Carter is only two days old but she’s already the star of a new Jay-Z song.

Jay-Z posted the latest track, "Glory feat. B.I.C.," (listen below) on his Life + Times website Monday. The rap concludes with sounds of a newborn crying. The song, produced by Pharrell Williams, includes an audio sample of Blue Ivy crying just moments after she was born.

The song also reveals Beyoncé Knowles had a miscarriage before.

"Last time, the miscarriage was so tragic," Jay-Z raps. "We was afraid you disappeared, but nah, dear, you magic."

Another verse reveals that Blue Ivy, a.k.a. "the most beautiful girl in the world," was "made in Paris," just before Knowles "shot an album package."

Glory – Jay-Z feat. Blue Ivy Carter by Warhol2011

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