Beware folks, Obama-Clinton “dispute”

By Malena Amusa Aug 08, 2007

dnA over at Too Sense put up a post about the Obama-Clinton debates blown up by media, and how Jon Stewart reveals there’s more folly than fury. Check this out:

There’s a reason why the audience of The Daily Show is among the most informed people in the country. It’s because despite all the comedy, they actually do more reporting of tnews than most news shows. Take for example, Stewart’s analysis of the way the media attempted to hype the Clinton-Obama feud. I wonder if Howard Kurtz is mad that a comedian with no journalism training is more effective as a media critic than he is. His bruised ego probably rests comfortably on a pile of money.

Instead of seeing what policies matter most, some media are doing a big disservice to the world by using cheap tricks to draw viewers. Meanwhile, Sen. Obama’s trying his hardest not to look like an angry Black man, and Sen. Clinton, a shrewd bitch. So it’s all a circus of racialized and gendered performances , and add on top of that, faux values and policy disputes…and you see there’s little encouragement to continue following this election.