Azealia Banks Calls Out Action Bronson Amidst Ghostface Killah Beef

By Sameer Rao Jul 22, 2015

Love her or hate her, Azealia Banks sometimes has moments of clarity when she’s Twitter-feuding with fellow musicians. Banks took to Twitter to weigh in on the growing beef between acclaimed rapper Action Bronson (who is white, of partial Albanian Muslim descent) and legendary Wu Tang Clan member and prolific solo rhymesayer Ghostface Killah.

The original beef started when Bronson appeared on ESPN’s "SportsNation" last week and responded to a question about frequent Ghostface comparisons by saying “He’s not rapping like this no more.” Ghostface responded with an unsettling six-minute Youtube video in which he attacked Bronson’s biting on his style and threated him by saying, "Don’t let me hang you from a fuckin’ rope and gut you like a pig to let you out to dry, ’cause it can get done." Bronson tried to squash the beef by Tweeting an apology, but as Ghostface’s response on Revolt TV suggests, the feud is still on. 

Banks, who had her own back-and-forth with Bronson a while back (during which he threatened to "melt those little tits off that little body"), came at Bronson again and talked about the anger she feels towards men who threaten her and don’t get called out for it: 


(H/t Billboard)