Ava DuVernay Barbie Drops, Sells Out Just About Everywhere

By Sameer Rao Dec 07, 2015

Due to popular demand, Mattel released an Ava DuVernay Barbie doll to the public today. DuVernay’s likeness was included in a limited edition Barbie "Sheroes" collection earlier this year, but the doll’s manufacturer, Mattel, didn’t plan on widely distributing it until fans of the "Selma" director and Array founder lobbied on social media. DuVernay took to Twitter to thank fans who pushed for #AvaBarbie and to announce that proceeds will go to Color of Change and Witness, a human rights nonprofit that trains people around the world to make videos in support of their human rights. 


DuVernay also tweeted about the doll’s prompt selling-out at multiple retailers today. As #AvaBarbie trended, both the director and the official Barbie Twitter account reported that the doll was sold out on TheBarbieCollection.com and that it would be available on Amazon soon:  

At press time, the doll’s Amazon.com listing says it’s currently unavailable. DuVernay, clearly a prolific Twitter user, will likely keep us up to date about where and when to get the groundbreaking doll. 

(H/t TIME, Huffington Post, Mashable)