Attny. Gen. Gonzales under fire, again; Reminder

By The News Jul 24, 2007

Gonzales Faces Senate Questioning, the New York Times reported today, and still, no job change for the Latino man hired to do dirty work. Check out his reasoning in the case involving Bush’s invasion of our privacy:

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales denied Tuesday that he and former White House chief of staff Andy Card pressured then-Attorney General John Ashcroft to recertify President Bush’s domestic surveillance program during a now-famous 2004 hospital visit. Gonzales said that he and Card had been urged by congressional leaders of both parties to ensure that the terrorist surveillance program survive a looming deadline for its expiration. To do that, Gonzales said, he needed the permission of Ashcroft, then the attorney general. Ashcroft at the time was in an intensive care unit recovering from gall bladder surgery. ”We went there because we thought it was important for him to know where the congressional leadership was on this,” Gonzales told the Senate Judiciary Committee in his first public explanation of the meeting. ”Clearly if he had been competent and understood the facts and had been inclined to do so, yes we would have asked him,” Gonzales added. ”Andy Card and I didn’t press him. We said ‘Thank you’ and we left,” Gonzales said of the discussion in the hospital room.

This can’t possibly fly as a testimony. If anybody should be under surveillance, perhaps Gonzales, whose conversations about things–government-sponsored torture and corruption–he can’t seem to recall, ever. Let’s not forget, the Times reported:

Not so long ago, Republicans as well as Democrats thought they’d seen Gonzales sit before them for the last time as attorney general. There was no way Gonzales could survive the controversy over the prosecutor firings, nor the exposure of other missteps, they said. Certainly he could not resist the widespread calls for his resignation — one, from a Republican — to his face as the proceedings were broadcast live.

Here’s a video reminder why Gonzales is bad for us. In "Total Recall," Gonzales shows he has completely lost his mind, memory, and moral footing.