Army and Marine Corps Recruits More Felons; Bronx Co-op Greens Neighborhood

By The News Apr 22, 2008

Pentagon OKs More Felons to Serve in War On top of evidence that people of color are overrepresented in armed forces and prisons, 2007 numbers indicate the Army and Marine Corps are providing more waivers to felons as a way to increase recruit numbers. New York Times. Need Exists for Border-Crossing Cards "Hundreds of thousands of Americans have applied voluntarily for new and expanded border-crossing identification cards that will serve as alternatives to U.S. passports under the Bush Administration’s Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, officials said." Washington Technology. The Bronx Gets Greened Up Workers in the Bronx have formed a cooperative to resell salvaged or donated materials. Hunts Point, the neighborhood in the Bronx known for being the dumping ground for the rest of the city, has become the new home for recycling. New York Times. California’s Latino Leaders Denounce Redistricting Plan The Mexican American Legal Defense Fund and the National Association of Latino Elected Officials Educational Fund are leading a charge against a proposal by California Voters First Initiative to redraw Senate and Assembly lines. Latino advocated worry that the independent group will not redistrict to reflect the racial diversity of the state. Whittier Daily News.