Are Black Women Being Ignored by the Obama Administration?

By Jamilah King Jun 17, 2014

Over at Salon, Britney Cooper writes that initiatives to address needs of LGBTQ people, black men and others are great. But the president is ignoring a key demographic that helped get him elected: black women.

Black women, Obama’s single largest voting demographic have been the subject of no executive orders, no White House initiatives and no pieces of progressive legislation. 96 percent of Black women voters voted for Obama compared to 87 percent of Black men. 76 percent of Latinas voted for the President compared to 65 percent of Latino men.

Though Black and other women of color who are a part of the LGBTQ community will benefit from this latest executive order, no initiative has explicitly addressed the structural issues of racism, classism, poor education, heavy policing, and sexual and domestic violence that disproportionately affect Black and Latina women.

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