Antoine Dodson’s Halloween Costumes Went Horribly Wrong

We told you so.

By Jorge Rivas Nov 08, 2010

Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Right before Halloween, I told ColorLines readers about "Seven Racist Costumes to Avoid This Halloween." That list included Antoine Dodson’s "Bed Intruder" costume, which was apparently in very high demand. I mentioned that going as Mr. Dodson in black face would be "entering official racist territory."

Fast forward to this past week, where Halloween party-goers love status updates and sharing their images on Facebook. Turns out that quite a few people missed our memo, and even had the nerve to post their offensive images on Antoine Dodson’s Facebook Page. 

Almost all images in black face uploaded to Dodson’s page are from young white men and women.

Although Dodson didn’t comment on any of the images uploaded to his page, many fans chimed in from both sides. "wow people get over it!! it’s a fkn COSTUME!!! theyv’e done it in movies whats the difference in real life…" wrote Colleen Searuggs.

"Yes, it’s been done in movies. Fucked up, racist movies from the bad old days," replied Jayson Elliot.

Elliot actually went through every black face image uploaded to Dodson’s fan page and commented "you need to learn that blackface is never ok." Elliot sent fans to "Blackface!," a one-page site that looks at the history of "racist blackface stereotypes."