Antoine Dodson’s Got Jokes With ‘Epic Fail Mutual’

Someone's got to look out for accidental celebrities, right?

By Jamilah King Jan 27, 2011

Viral video sensation Antoine Dodson continues to turn himself into a franchise. After being catapulted to Internet fame last summer by the controversial Bed Intruder song, the mini mogul quickly branded himself, and his style, into everything from a line of Halloween costumes to his endorsement of an app that tracks sex offenders. Here at Colorlines, we’ve run ourselves in circles trying to figure out whether or not Dodson is a legit hero. But it’s pretty clear that he’s taking it all in good humor.

Dodson appeared on the George Lopez show this week to promote his fictional "Epic Fail Mutual," an insurance company for accidental Web celebrities, or "people making asses of themselves on the Internet." Coverage includes the "You are so dumb" package, the "Oh no you didn’t" plan, and the "Hide yo’ junk" policy. Watch the video above.

Warning: some of the videos are graphic, so watch with caution.