Angela Davis and Yuri Kochiyama Talk About Activism Over Decades

A new documentary lets us be a fly on the wall for their 1996 discussion.

By Julianne Hing Oct 18, 2010

Grab your popcorn, there’s a new documentary out that looks like required viewing. Mountains that Take Wing: Angela Davis & Yuri Kochiyama: A Conversation on Life, Struggles and Liberation is making the rounds on the university and festival circuit, and is not to be missed.

The film captures conversations between the two activists and icons spanning a decade as they talk social change and political struggle, theory and activism and art. The film is a unique opportunity to eavesdrop on two women who’ve been at the center of civil rights, prison abolition and global liberation struggles as they reflect on their lives and the work ahead. A rare and exciting snapshot of living history.

From the MTTW website:

With a combined history of nearly a century of community activism, Angela Y. Davis and Yuri Kochiyama sat down in 1996 to discuss their lives and their passion for justice. Although their paths had crossed many times, this was the first occasion Yuri and Angela had an in depth conversation with one another. Their conversations are full of vitality, humility, resolve and hope. What they have to say about the ethical and social implications of war and the vast prison industrial complex on education, civil liberties and the arts proved to be chillingly perceptive when they picked up their conversation twelve years later in 2008. MOUNTAINS THAT TAKE WING-ANGELA DAVIS & YURI KOCHIYAMA is a compilation of the conversations between these two formidable women on life, struggles and liberation. Davis’ and Kochiyama’s passion, vast historical knowledge, cogent observations and analysis are stunning and offer important lessons in empowerment and community building for current and future generations.

The film was co-directed by C. A. Griffith and H.L.T. Quan, two professors at Arizona State Univeristy, one a filmmaker and the other a political theorist. Check the trailer here.

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