Amy Chua Tells Stephen Colbert He Too Can be a ‘Tiger Mother’

The author puts her Harvard Law School degree to use and defends herself.

By Jorge Rivas Jan 26, 2011

Amy Chua, the author of book "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother," otherwise known as "Why Chinese Mothers are Superior," was a guest on The Colbert Report last night.

The host didn’t waste any time putting the Yale Law School professor on the spot: "Your book has both enraged and secretly threatened mothers across America — they think you’re wrong, but privately think maybe you’re right and doubt how they’re raising their own children. Did you achieve your goals?"

Chua promptly gave Colbert a "nooooooooooo!" She went on to explain that her book is a memoir, not a parenting guide. A parody of sorts, she says, meant to be funny.

She also said anyone can be what she calls a "Chinese Mother" if you teach your kids to work hard and not give up and blame others. "I think they’re fundamental American values, ones championed by our Founding Fathers."

It’ll be interesting to hear what Chua tells potential readers in China when she begins promoting her book there.

The Chinese edition’s title translates to "Being a Mom in America."

Apparently, these days, Western styles of parenting are in vogue in China.