Adelanto Immigrant Detention Facility Under the Microscope

Three young women locked themselves to the facility gates today on behalf of three individuals currently detained there.

By Von Diaz Nov 25, 2013

Today, three young women locked themselves to the gates outside of the Adelanto Detention facility in California. It is the largest (1,200 beds) and newest facility in California, and was recently scrutinized in a report from the Detention Watch Network, which exposed extensive use of solitary confinement as punishment, and inadequate mental health services. The facility was also highlighted by photojournalist John Moore in a New York Times article published today, accompanied by a series of compelling photographs.

According to the NDLON, the young women–who are locked to the gates using bike locks–are acting on behalf of three fathers currently being detained at Adelanto, and to "protest unjust deportations and the inhumane treatment of inmates inside." They were joined at the facility by other immigration reform advocates. Just before 4:00pm, the three young women appear to have been taken into custody.