Activists Launch Campaign Against NYC’s Teen Pregnancy Ads

Shame doesn't work, but services do.

By Jamilah King Mar 12, 2013

Remember those [really problematic teen pregnancy billboards]( that [we talked about]( last week? The ones that are seemingly trying to shame teens out of getting pregnant? Well, reproductive rights activists in the city have launched a campaign to show that they won’t be bullied. The New York Coalition for Reproductive Justice launched its "No Stigma! No Shame" campaign this week to get the city to address systemic issues relating to teen pregnancy. In a letter written to community members, the coalition’s lead organizer Jasmine Burnett wrote the following: > We fail as a society when we shame young people instead of teaching them what they need to know to make the best decisions about their lives. For those of us who do direct service, education and advocacy around issues of poverty, access to comprehensive sex education, contraception, family planning and addressing health disparities that have historically impacted communities of color, we are acutely aware of the budget cuts to programs and services that could address and reverse these conditions within our communities. The New York Coalition for Reproductive Justice is holding HRA accountable for reinforcing negative stereotypes about the decision-making ability of young people instead of investing in programs and policies that encourage young people to thrive. Campaign organizers will hold a meeting on Monday, March 18 at 26 Bleeker Ave at 6pm.