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By Gordon Hurd Sep 15, 2002
Created and maintained by Observatoire des Transnationales, a French nonprofit, offers extensive information about transnational corporations, organized by country, company, industry, and sector. Topics covered include lobbying activity, layoffs, financial data, social and environmental records, and much more. Information is available in French, English, Spanish, and Italian.

Presenting itself as a portal for the labor activist, LabourStart provides headlines, forums, mailing lists, links, and a wide array of other timely resources. Find out about strikes, worker struggles, and other activity around the world. Information is organized by region and in languages like English, Spanish, Esperanto, Swedish, Turkish, and many others.

International Labour Organization
The ILO is a specialized agency of the United Nations, and its official website,, provides resources concerning human rights, labor, and social justice. Features of the site include publications on international labor standards, social protection, and issues concerning employment around the world. Also available are databases of international labor laws and standards.

Business and Human Rights
Organized as a virtual clearinghouse by , Business and Human Rights offers extensive links to articles, news items, press releases, and other materials regarding the intersections of business and human rights. Resources are organized by sector, industry, region, or by issue, among other distinctions. If you would like to research fair trade and ethics issues in the coffee industry in Kenya, this is the place to start.

Workers’ Rights Consortium
The primary purpose of the WRC is to assist in the investigation and enforcement of manufacturing codes of conduct, specifically in relation to university branded products. The organization consists of college and university administrations, labor experts, and students. The websites main features are a database of factories that produce university apparel and products and detailed reports about specific factories. Make sure your university is selling sweatshop-free sweatshirts by checking this resource.