Activist Web

By Gordon Hurd Dec 15, 2002

The National Coalition on Black Civic Participation
Formed in 1976, the NCBCP comprises 86 member organizations dedicated to increasing African American participation in civic society. The website offers information about its voter participation, activism, and education programs, including Black Youth Vote!, Black Women’s Roundtable, and Operation Big Vote. The site also features voting statistics, links, and commentary.

National Commission on Federal Election Reform
Is a joint effort of the University of Virginia’s Miller Center of Public Affairs and the Century Foundation. Central to this website is a report that focuses on voting technology, ballot design, election administration, as well as legal and constitutional issues that came to a head in the 2000 Presidential elections. Videos of public hearings, background information, op-ed articles, and research material are all archived on the website.
It’s not too difficult to see why a site like would win a Webby Award: it’s a veritable clearinghouse of campaign finance information. Opensecrets allows users to track campaign money by industry, by candidate, and by state or local community. See where the money is coming from, where it’s going, and how much is exchanging hands. An indispensable resource for activists, voters, and journalists.

Ballot Initiative Strategy Center
Formed in 1998 to help stem the tide of right-wing ballot initiatives sweeping local and state elections, the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center offers a variety of resources for activists, journalists, and progressive voters. Through the affiliated sites and users can track current initiatives and petitions and monitor their supporters. In addition, offers historical information about the ballot initiative process, news reports, research articles, and much more.

Center for Voting and Democracy
Offers news, research, and educational material surrounding fair elections and election reform. The site’s online archive of reports include materials covering instant runoff voting, proportional representation, redistricting, voter turnout, and pending legislative and ballot measures.