10 Tweets Celebs and Critics Couldn’t Wait to Post After the ‘Black Panther’ Premiere

By Sameer Rao Jan 30, 2018

Journalists and entertainment industry elite alike could not contain their excitement after Marvel premiered "Black Panther" in Los Angeles and held several press screenings last night (January 29). They flooded social media with ecstatic praise after they left the theaters, turning Black Panther and First Reactions into trending topics on Twitter. 

Variety reports that press outlets cannot publish full-length reviews of the film until February 6—ten days ahead of the film’s debut—but many critics and other attendees posted their overwhelmingly positive first impressions of the film on social media. Most of the tweets celebrated the movie’s screenplay, depiction of multidimensional Black characters and performances by its all-Black leading cast, and several called "Black Panther" the best Marvel Comics Universe movies ever. Here are 10 must-see tweets from film critics and artists:

For those with two hours to spare, Marvel posted a livestream of the purple carpet event that preceded the LA premiere on YouTube: