Portrait of the children involved in the landmark Civil Rights lawsuit 'Brown V. Board of Education,' which challenged the legality of American public school segregation, Topeka, Kansas, 1953. From front, Vicki Henderson, Donald Henderson, Linda Brown (the 'Brown' of the case's name), James Emanuel, Nancy Todd, and Katherine Carper. (Photo by Carl Iwasaki/Getty Images)

Attacks on Public Education Threaten the Legacy of Brown

By Avis Weathersbee

Brown turns 70 on May 17, but the vision of a robust and equitable public education system may yet be a dream deferred. Many education experts said the current wave of politicized offensives against a system already under stress pushes public schools toward a tipping point.

Women TranscendFormerly Incarcerated Women Stand Tall
and Show the Way to Collective Power-building

Untold stories of resilience, impact and transformation are illuminated in Women Transcend, Colorlines’ multimedia and storytelling initiative that disrupts deeply ingrained ideas and value systems around crime and punishment. The Women Transcend film and companion pieces reject harmful narratives that service systems of perpetual punishment, and challenge all of us to see those who are deemed “unredeemable” as guiding lights to systemic change and reform. The film was produced in collaboration with formerly incarcerated Black women activists and leaders.

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On this episode of Momentum: A Race Forward Podcast, Obery Hendricks, Ph.D., one of the most influential Black biblical scholars writing today, and Race Forward’s Chief of Staff Charlene Sinclair, Ph.D.,  who herself fashions strategies that embrace a liberationist approach to faith and spirituality for racial and economic justice, discuss the immediacy of pushing back against the spread of Christian Nationalism and the urgency of creating narratives based on the gospel’s “true teachings” to reflect the ongoing political moment and fight for progressive policies that stay true to the bible’s "liberationist ideals".