What we do

Colorlines partners with movement organizers, scholars, storytellers, cultural producers and community members to advance a shared analysis in service of building a just, multiracial democracy. We bring audiences into generative spaces for shared learning, dialogue, and meaningful engagement online and offline. 

At Colorlines, you can sharpen your political analysis around the most contested issues of our time including education, housing, cultural arts, the carceral state, and governance — always through the lens of race, power and democracy. We offer videos, articles, audio, art, visual explainers, political education training, and community conversations around the issues that you care deeply about. 

As part of the Colorlines community, you will: 

  • Increase your depth of understanding of the power structures that govern our lives;
  • Gain access to tools that will sharpen your analysis and direct your activism;
  • Connect with other activists across the country who are also seeking deeper meanings around race, power, and democracy; 
  • Have pathways to engage with power-building organizations and movements; and
  • Be part of a generative learning community. 

Colorlines is published by Race Forward. Dive into our history to learn more about Colorlines legacy. 

Narrative is Real Power

We are building narrative power that will tear down structural injustice.

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