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For 25 years, Colorlines has been the witness to and keeper of stories that report on the systemic racism at the core of our nation’s challenges. Stories that tell the experiences of people directly affected by and fighting against structural racism. We have been a trusted news source to advance our understanding and fuel our collective action.

In 2021, we realized that was not enough. Following the aftermath of the 2020 uprisings and the initial traumas of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Colorlines team asked ourselves if we were meeting the needs of our communities in this moment. We turned our curiosity inward to huddle with many of you and consider what role we can hold to support our people in making meaning of this and future political moments. You told us that you want content that helps you move into action in a way that avoids fracturing and forges pathways to engage with movements building the collective power capable of shifting societal levers of power towards a more just multiracial democracy.

We are visioning the relaunched Colorlines as a gathering place in the spirit of the African Sankofa of looking to our past to guide our future. A spirit of drawing from our cultural and political lineages to make meaning of the impact of race and power, to inform our strategies for building a multiracial democracy. Read the stories of those who have shaped our future.

And so our journey begins. Welcome back home to Colorlines!

The Colorlines team

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