Our Vision

Fragmentation across the color, class, gender and ideological lines have caused our progressive movements to lose too much ground, too much power and too many people. We are in danger of losing much more unless there is a shift, not just in how we build power but also how we bring our people along. Colorlines, with our legacy of meaning-making and journalism advocacy, envisions a community that sees itself as such in the collective fight for a just, multiracial democracy. 

Colorlines imagines a world where: 

  • People in communities who are under direct assault develop the analysis to recognize that it’s a structural assault and not a personal failing;
  • People who are not in the communities most directly under attack recognize the assault as an assault on them too; and 
  • People understand that collectively we have the tools and mechanisms to shape a different social reality.

We are building narrative power that will tear down structural injustice, and engage people’s hopes and imaginations towards a shared vision for life-affirming public policies. We invite you and people from your community to join us on this journey.

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Young woman leading a demonstration using a megaphone.

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The Work We Do Matters

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for a just, multiracial democracy.

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